After the death of his baby, Andrew is trapped between illusion, madness and the heartbreaking pain of reality.

Nr. 47 - Season 1

Eveline has just moved out from home and realises that living alone is not as easy as she had imagined.

Just Ask For It

Macy and Dave grapple with gender inequality at their work place and it begins to infiltrate their relationship.

Nr.47 - Season 2

Dominic is gay and has not told anyone. Instead of sharing his feelings, he pushes people away and does not only hurt his close friends but also a new person in his life.

About me

When I was young I wanted to be a poet. I dreamt of writing rhymes and rhythms all day long and wanted to live in a wonderful world full of stories and beautiful words. Today I know that this was mainly a childhood fascination, although one thing remains the same: I still love writing and I still adore stories and the impact they can have on people. After graduating from high school in Switzerland, I moved to London to study Journalism and Drama at the University of Roehampton. On first impression the two subjects might seem like an abnormal combination but they both helped to teach me different aspects of storytelling. They further inspired me to combine my passion for acting with the world of media which is why I pursued a Masters in Producing Film and Television at the University of Royal Holloway. I now work as an independent producer in the UK as well as in Switzerland and I truly love my job. Each production comes with its very own story and pushes me out of my comfort zone in order to achieve something great. But I admit, sometimes I still dream about being that poet.

Lea Dettli | Film Producer


MA in Producing Film and Television

Royal Holloway University, London

2016 – 2017

BA in Journalism and Drama

University of Roehampton, London

2013 – 2016

CPE – Cambridge Proficiency

Oxford English Language Centre