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Poetry | CutsAndLines


„To be alone is what I want to be, yet loneliness is too alone for me. With someone is what I want to be, yet I am still lonely in company.”



We are the generation which, unlike before, Simply gives a shit and doesn’t care anymore. We sell our souls on Snap Chat and Twitter, Instead of being alive we are #bitter.   We are the generation with a constant broken heart, Full of love-craving-mingles together,...


I worry about the world, About you and me. About everything, That is, Was, Will be.   I worry we might fall apart, Loose humanity, Worry we will turn away, From what we need to see.   And even if we see one day, I would worry still, That we won`t change the way we...

Supposed to

She was supposed to be, Supposed to live, Supposed to see, Supposed to give, Supposed to laugh, Supposed to cry, Supposed to blossom, Not to die.   She was supposed to walk, Supposed to run, Supposed to talk Supposed to have fun, Supposed to laugh, Supposed to cry,...